Daniel Gigiano

Daniel Gigiano Reviews Defending Ohio Castles

Attorney Daniel Gigiano reviews defending Ohio castles, which is based on the age-old castle law.  Ohio’s castle law allows you to defend yourself in your home.  Otherwise known as the “castle doctrine,”  the law now recognizes the security and sanctity of the home.    Attorney Daniel Gigiano Reviews Defending Ohio Castles Past[…]

Ohio Juveniles Get Adult Penalties

Ohio juveniles get adult penalties in juvenile court when they commit serious crimes.  These juveniles are labeled Serious Youthful Offender (SYO), which blends juvenile and adult sentences.  Bindovers to adult court are not included in this article, as those cases involve a hearing to determine if a juvenile should be tried[…]

Top Twenty Ohio Traffic Accident Tips

What should you do if you are involved in a traffic accident?  Here are the top twenty Ohio traffic accident tips you should follow.  Unless otherwise specified, this list addresses traffic accidents public roads.  Stop and remain at the scene.  Give your name, address, vehicle license plate number, and name[…]

Daniel Gigiano Reviews Ohio Foreclosure Procedures

In this article, Attorney Daniel Gigiano reviews Ohio foreclosure procedures.  Before a foreclosure case is filed, the mortgage company sends a foreclosure referral package to their attorney.  A title examination is done to identify all individuals and entities that have an interest in the real estate, which can even include spouse’s dower[…]

Daniel Gigiano Reviews Landlord Tenant Disputes

In this article, Attorney Daniel Gigiano reviews landlord tenant disputes and how to resolve them.  There are landlord duties and tenant duties that landlords and tenants need to follow.  The law provides remedies for failure to follow such duties.  There are duties under Ohio landlord-tenant laws and under the lease.[…]

Ernesto Miranda Story

When learning about or researching many famous cases, I often wondered what actually happened to the person involved.  The legal battle and back story rarely ends with the famous case.  In my own practice, winning in the appellate court can either be a decisive victory or simply one step toward[…]

When Child Support Stops

When child support stops, it means one of the statutory factors have come into play.  Ohio law determines when child support stops, as follows:    The child is no longer attending high school upon turning eighteen years old. The child stops attending high school after turning eighteen years old. The[…]

UnMarried Couples Property Division

Couples who are living together do not have the same rights to division of property as married couples.  Unmarried couples property division is very different than married couples property division.  Ohio recognizes that marriage entitles a couple to certain property rights, leaving non-marital relationships to use other Ohio law provisions.[…]

Personal Injury Tips

When you suffer a personal injury, there are numerous people who may try to contact you.  Insurance companies will try to get a recorded statement from you, where they will try to get you to minimize your damages or admit to some fault in the accident.  Personal injury attorneys will[…]

Military Child Custody Divorce

Military child custody divorce cases often make their way into Ohio courts.  The military has unique income structures.  Further, constant moving within the military can bring up residency issues, which, in turn, raises jurisdictional issues. Income Issues In Military Child Custody Divorce Cases  The military distributes income in many ways.  While[…]