Daniel Gigiano

Agreed Sentence Factors

I often hear my clients tell me that someone else got a certain sentence for a similar offense and whether they could also get the same sentence.  My usual response is that no two cases and defendants are exactly alike and so the sentences would not necessarily be exactly alike. […]

Private Health Insurance Affects Child Support

There are a number of factors that are used in calculating child support.  Private health insurance affects child support.  The parent who pays for the health insurance for the children gets credit for it in the child support calculation.  However, the parent is only entitled to credit for the marginal[…]

Ohio Expungement Eligibility Requirements Expanded

Ohio expungement eligibility requirements expanded with the new expungement laws.  Under the old law, a “first offender” was defined as a person with only one conviction on their record.  The new law expanded the definition of “first offender” to someone that “has not more than one felony conviction, not more[…]

Daniel Gigiano Bio

Humble Beginnings   Daniel Gigiano grew up in a small town near Chicago, Illinois.  He played on his high school’s football, baseball and wrestling teams.  Dan Gigiano found success in wrestling.  He was a conference and regional champion.  He nearly qualified for the individual portion of the state tournament.  His[…]