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Daniel Gigiano Reviews Defending Ohio Castles

Daniel Gigiano Reviews Defending Ohio Castles

Attorney Daniel Gigiano reviews defending Ohio castles, which is based on the age-old castle law.  Ohio’s castle law allows you to defend yourself in your home.  Otherwise known as the “castle doctrine,”  the law now recognizes the security and sanctity of the home.   

Attorney Daniel Gigiano Reviews Defending Ohio Castles Past Limitations 

Ohio law previously required the victim of a home invasion to retreat before using deadly force against the intruder.  If the person in the home used deadly force, that person had to prove that he or she acted out of fear of serious physical injury or death. 

Defending Ohio Castles Assumes Self-Defense 

The castle law presumes you have acted in self-defense or defense of another when using deadly force against someone who has unlawfully entered one’s home or vehicle.  If the person were to be charged, the prosecution would have to prove that the intruder did not enter your house or vehicle with the intent of causing harm. 

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