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Ohio parents get school records

Ohio Parents Get School Records

Ohio parents get school records, even if the parent is not the custodial parent of the children.  Both parents have the right to access their child’s school records.  The schools generally recognize the right of the legal custodian and residential parent’s access to school records.  However, some schools may not always recognize the non-residential parent’s right to access their child’s records.  If this problem arises, the legal custody papers usually contain language stating that both parents have the right to have access to their child’s school records.

Only Courts Can Deny Access To School Records 

What if one parent instructs the school not to allow the other parent access to the school records?  Only the court can issue such instructions, not the parent.  Unless a court order says otherwise, both parents can participate in conferences, attend IEP meetings and access records.  Ohio parents get school records unless a court says otherwise.  Can a stepparent have access to school records?  No.  Only the parents can access the child’s school records.  The only way a stepparent can gain access to the records is if he or she has become the child’s legal guardian (or legal custodian).      

Moving Affects A Child’s School District Placement 

What if the residential parent for school purposes moves?  Can a child attend school in a district that the parent does not live?  Sometimes, if a child started school in the parent’s school district and the parent moves after that, the school may allow the child to remain in the district without paying tuition.  It is important to seek out the approval of the school board in this situation.  Can a child switch to the other parent’s school district?  Yes, if custody is changed to the other parent or if the other parent is named the residential parent for school purposes.  Ohio parents get school records in the new district, too.   

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