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Bankruptcy Attorney Daniel Gigiano

Bankruptcy Attorney Daniel Gigiano helps people in the Akron Bankruptcy Court and the Canton Bankruptcy Court.  Both of these courts handle cases for individuals who live within a reasonable distance from the office of Bankruptcy Attorney Daniel Gigiano in Wadsworth, Ohio.  Daniel Gigiano has been helping people with their bankruptcy needs[…]

Attorney Daniel Gigiano Provides Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation

Attorney Daniel Gigiano practices criminal defense, DUI defense and traffic ticket defense, as well as a number of other areas of law within his general practice firm.  Daniel Gigiano regularly practices in the courts in Medina, Wadsworth, Wooster, Akron, Barberton, Stow, Canton and Massillon, as well as the surrounding courts. […]

Mandatory DUI Blood Tests Unconstitutional

Many states, including Ohio, criminalize the refusal to submit to alcohol testing after being arrested for DUI.  The United States Supreme Court, in ruling mandatory DUI blood tests unconstitutional, imposed severe limits on such state laws. Individual Rights And Liberties Are More Important Than Getting Tough On Crime This case[…]

Ohio Cell Phone Search Requires Search Warrant

Apple and the FBI have gotten a lot of attention lately on the government’s power to search cell phones.  Apple refused to unlock its phones and FBI figured out how to do it by themselves.  Long before this battle ensued, the Ohio Supreme Court issued the following decision: Ohio cell[…]

Repeat OVI Offender Specifications Constitutional

Ohio Supreme Court Declares Repeat OVI Offender Specifications Constitutional In 2016, the Ohio Supreme Court found the repeat OVI offender specifications constitutional.  The accused challenged the Ohio DUI sentencing laws as unconstitutional because they violated equal protection of the law.  The Ohio Supreme Court did not agree with that argument.[…]