Personal Injury

Ohio Jury Selection

Ohio jury selection is part psychology, part hunch.  In a few minutes, attorneys must decide if a person could be fair in a particular case.  That person could be a very fair person, but may not be able to decide a particular case fairly.  On the other hand, another person[…]

Top Twenty Ohio Traffic Accident Tips

What should you do if you are involved in a traffic accident?  Here are the top twenty Ohio traffic accident tips you should follow.  Unless otherwise specified, this list addresses traffic accidents public roads.  Stop and remain at the scene.  Give your name, address, vehicle license plate number, and name[…]

Personal Injury Tips

When you suffer a personal injury, there are numerous people who may try to contact you.  Insurance companies will try to get a recorded statement from you, where they will try to get you to minimize your damages or admit to some fault in the accident.  Personal injury attorneys will[…]